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Since 1997 I have devoted my work as a writer, illustrator and content creator to spread de love for classical music and opera, especially among children, while addressing educators (parents, teachers...). For about 20 years my educational contents have been offered in different formats following the digital transformation of our times. Those curious of this part of my carer can visit my previous website.
In 2018, being aware of the challenges of the digital transformation, I got interested in the upcoming Internet and started researching how we could better adopt new technologies to communicate, without loosing our fundamental rights, for the sake of both adults and children. Now, I am driving my attention especially to those authors who want to deal with their valuable contents on the web. This is why I got involved in the 'blockchain revolution'...


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Mirlo Studio

Most of my work was edited by Mirlo Music for the past 20 years, including my successful collection of books+CD Cuéntame una Ópera (Tell Me an Opera). Today such editions are going to be updated into new digital editions thanks to the project, Mirlo Studio, which brings Podcast, ebooks, videos, webinars, contests, etc., directly to your email.

My experience and practical advices in a newsletter for authors and artists who want to defend their Intellectual Property and privacy.
I invite all those content creators who want to get ready for the upcoming web 3.0, and start taking back control of their data and digital rights.
In Spanish, my articles come as a newsletter.


This is my main project for 2021, a decentralised App for self-managed artists. Our great team at Smartists is working hard to develop solutions in order to provide art creators the means to connect, collaborate and make deals directly with their audiences, readers, clients... We are opening a new and very hopeful era for artists on the web.

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